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Whale Watch Tenerife and MONICET Collaboration


Whale Watch Tenerife is pleased to announce our collaboration with the MONICET cetacean research organization. MONICET is an organization originally founded in the Azores Islands. Its mandate is to work with whale watching organisations that collect visual data (photos, GPS locations, etc.), a set of data that allows them to understand the populations of whales and dolphins in the islands. This is very effective approach to see the long-term trends in cetacean populations.

MONICET started in the Azores Islands and now we are very happy to participate in the launch of the new platform here in Tenerife. This is due in large part to the influence and work of Dr. Marc Fernández, who directs the research and conservation projects of Whale Watch Tenerife. Marc was one of the key investigators of MONICET in the Azores before his return home in Spain and Tenerife. Dr. Marc has managed to organize this pilot project between Whale Watch Tenerife and MONICET, where data from our Cetacean Observation Station and our tours are loaded on the MONICET platform.

map of whale and dolphin sightings in Costa Adeje Tenerife

In the image you can see a sample of the type of information that Whale Watch Tenerife has collected and shared with MONICET. In the image above, the red dots represent the Pilot whales, the gray dots represent the Bottlenose dolphins and the blue dots are Atlantic Spotted dolphins. While Dr. Marc directs our tour boat from the Cetacean Observation Station to the whales and dolphins, our Laura Guide (Master of Science, Marine Biologist) collects real-time GPS information and pictures of the cetaceans.

Together, Dr. Marc and Laura MSC are working to improve the understanding of whale and dolphin populations here in Tenerife. We are very excited and proud to see the effort of our staff to expand our role in research and conservation of whales and dolphins. We look forward to a long-term collaboration with MONICET as we work to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for Tenerife’s cetaceans.