Pilot Whale ID Project

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Whale Watch Tenerife is pleased to announce our latest cetacean research collaboration with the Calderones de Canarias project. Calderones de Canarias is a Photo ID catalog research project of the Pilot Whales here in southern Tenerife. The research program was created a group including Mirna Piñero Mesa a whale watching Captain, Naturalist and Conservationist working in the whale watching industry here in southern Tenerife.

A good quality photo of a Pilot whale dorsal fin can be used to identify individual cetaceans. In this way a catalog of all the 400+ resident Pilot whales in southern Tenerife has been created. Such a catalog allows the long term monitoring of the individual Pilot whales and the overall population. We can even learn about each family group, their matriarchal lineage, and know when new members of the family are introduced.

Pilot whale photo identification catalog in southern Tenerife.The short finned Pilot whale population off the southern coast of Tenerife is the largest and most accessible resident population of this species in the world. This creates a unique situation to be able to learn about and understand how the world can better protect and ensure the long term survival of the short finned Pilot whale. We hope our efforts here can help create a model of sustainability and conservation of the global short finned Pilot whale population.

Mirna has been the leader in the curation of the catalog and we are pleased to be adding our photos and sightings to the catalog. It has been a real pleasure to meet Mirna, a whale watching boat Captain, who has taken her free time to compile thousands of photographs into a workable catalog of the individual Pilot whales in Tenerife. The sort of effort and conviction Mirna has shown to the Pilot whales of Tenerife is inspiring to all of us here at Whale Watch Tenerife and is a great example of what can be accomplished by one dedicated individual. We look forward to working closely with Mirna for many years in the Calderones de Canarias catalog and as fellow professionals in the Tenerife whale watching industry.