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the Whale Watch Tenerife mission is sustainable tourism that supports cetacean research and conservation

Sustainable Eco-Tourism and Research

Our Mission

The Whale Watch Tenerife team of researchers and guides consists of scientists from various disciplines and backgrounds who all share a dedication to improving the knowledge and circumstances of the whales and dolphins here in Tenerife. Our tours offer the opportunity to collect data for research projects and create a chance to collect discarded floating trash – one of the greatest threats to whales and dolphins.

We are not alone in our Research efforts. We are pleased to be working with Universities, cetacean research and conservation organizations and other respectful whale watching companies here in Tenerife. It is our goal to create a platform for University students of the marine sciences to have access to the whales and dolphins of Tenerife while pursuing their degrees. Whale Watch Tenerife is also active in the global whale watching community participating as a model for responsible and sustainable tourism in the whale watching industry.

Whale Watch Tenerife Vision and Goals

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the Whale Watch Tenerife vision statement for sustainable tourism

Cetacean Freedom | Healthy Marine Ecosystems

Our Vision

Whale Watch Tenerife combines respectful whale and dolphin watching tourism with cetacean research and conservation initiatives. We believe that as responsible stewards of Tenerife’s unique marine ecosystem we must offer more than’ just a look’ at the whales and dolphins.

This belief is at the heart of our organization. We aim to learn more about the whales and dolphins of Tenerife while ensuring a premium experience for our guests. Responsible whale watching practices combined with Marine Biologist led research projects ensure we add to sustainable practices observing the whales and dolphins in Tenerife.

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Investigation | Education | Inspiration

Our Goals

The staff at Whale Watch Tenerife are passionate about whale research and it shows on every tour. We love to share our knowledge, experience and observations with our guests. We feel that education and respectful interactions are the cornerstones of sustainable whale watching tourism.

The Captains follow the Canary Islands Whale Watching Regulations ensuring minimal disturbance to the animals. We host tours on certified ‘Blue Flag’ boats with environmentally responsible engines limiting sound pollution in the marine environment. We treat each tour as an opportunity to learn more about the whales and dolphins while we also stop to collect floating garbage found on our tours.

Whale Watching Tour Reservations

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