Atlantic Silver Hatchetfish

During this mornings whale and dolphin watching tour we found an Atlantic Silver Hatchetfish floating at the surface. A rarely seen fish as it lives in the mesopelagic zone (open ocean deep twilight zone) of the ocean. This little fish is a marvel of adaptations with 2 rows of light producing organs along its belly. It creates light to match the faint surface light filtering down from the ocean surface so that it cannot be seen by predators below it! A lucky find as we thought it was trash floating in the ocean and we stopped to remove it, when it turned out to be a rare Atlantic Silver Hatchetfish.

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins Mating?

Today we encountered a large group of Adult Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. One of our favourite species to observe as they are commonly very active and even approach our boat frequently which is very unusual. This group was very much preoccupied with themselves and were very active with most of the activity underwater. We stuck the GoPro in the water and the dolphins approached the boat, seeming to chase each other. We could see the bright white of dolphins ‘belly up’ or swimming on their back. As dolphins mate belly to belly we knew this could be mating behaviour. Hopefully they are creating many more Atlantic Spotted dolphins for us to see next summer during the birthing time! Thanks to everyone who joined us today for thrilling and respectful whale and dolphin watching tours in Costa Adeje, Tenerife.