Tenerife Whale Watching Boat

The best way to explore the Teno-Rasca Marine Park

custom built whale and dolphin watching tours boat on Tenerife

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Our Whale Watching Tour Boat - 'Globy'

‘Globy’ is the name of our 8 meter custom built Tenerife whale watching tour boat. Globy was named in honor of the resident  population of short finned Pilot Whales (Globicephala macrorhynchus) that live along the southern coast of Tenerife. Globy was custom built in 2018 exclusively for whale and dolphin watching tours. Globy is fast, nimble, quiet, comfortable, offers low to the water seating, unobstructed viewing and offers an incredible perspective of the marine wildlife and beautiful island scenery off the southern coast of Tenerife. We are sure you will agree, Globy offers the best way to explore the Teno-Rasca Marine Protected Area searching for whales, dolphins and all the amazing marine wildlife of Tenerife.

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