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Cetaceans Sighting Project

Whale Watch Tenerife created the first land based whale and dolphin Research Sightings Station. The station allows our Staff to monitor the ocean for whales and dolphins. Using research grade binoculars our Biologists can monitor an area of the ocean over 50 square kilometres. From the Research Sightings Station our staff can identify different species, groups, activity and direction of travel of the whales and dolphins offshore of Tenerife.

This aids in cetacean research by creating a long term view of the whale and dolphin species that inhabit and visit the southern coast of Tenerife. Patterns can be established and long term conservation policies are often created following this type of information.

Pilot whale research project Tenerife

A Co-operative Research Effort

Photo Identification Project

During the whale and dolphin watching tours our staff take photos of the whales and dolphins for two reasons. The first goal of photographing the cetaceans is research and conservation. The second reason is to offer for purchase to our guests as we know how difficult it can be to take photos while  immersing yourself in the experience.

Pilot Whales all have unique dorsal fins including notches or scars along the trailing edge of the fin. So a good photo of the Pilot Whales dorsal fin can help identify individuals in the Tenerife Pilot Whale population. Whale Watch Tenerife is pleased to collaborate on these Photo ID projects with other research projects here in Tenerife. A great project we are collaborating on is the Calderones de Canarias Pilot whale catalog. Our staff are adding valuable information to the existing catalog of over 400 Pilot whales already identified.

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