Common Dolphins

Delphinus delphis

pods of Common dolphins are infrequently seen on Tenerife whale watching tours

Common Dolphin in Tenerife

The Common Dolphin is one of the more commonly encountered species of dolphin encountered here in Tenerife, behind the Bottlenose Dolphin, Spotted Dolphin and our resident Pilot Whales. We typically see pods of less than 50 animals and usually when there is a lot of bait fish schooling in the near offshore waters.

The Common Dolphin is one of our favourite species to observe on the tours. They are often very active and acrobatic. This species seems to enjoy bow riding and will often pass very close to the boat. The body is very colourful as well, making for amazing photographs.

information on the pods of short beaked Common dolphins seen in Tenerife

Common Dolphin Info

The Common Dolphin is a very active species with a unique appearance. They grow to approximately 2.5 meters in length and 150 kilograms. There is a yellow panel along the side of the body making identification of this species quite easy. The melon is round with a short beak and often have a white patch on the dorsal fin.

This species eats small schooling fish and squid. Tenerife has a steep drop off in the south which is a perfect environment for the Common Dolphins preferred diet. The Common Dolphin has earned its name as it is found in most tropical and temperate seas of the Atlantic and Pacific.