Meet our Team of Guides and Researchers

Leading sustainable whale watching tours that support cetacean research initiatives

Tenerife whale watching tour guide Laura Otero

Guide | Masters in Marine Biology

Laura Otero

Laura is a Marine Biologist and the Head Guide hosting whale watching tours. She brings her knowledge from her Masters of Science degree in Biodiversity Management to support our dedication to sustainable eco-tourism. Laura is from Spain but has also completed years of working with marine mammals  in the Azores, Mexico, Costa Rica and the south of Spain.

We are delighted to have Laura join us to lead whale and dolphin trips. Laura is a very experienced whale watching tour guide with thousands of hours on the sea. She is also an accomplished photographer – you will see many of her images on this website and our social media accounts.

Laura takes photos of the whales and dolphins during our tours to collaborate with other researchers here in Tenerife in the creation of the whale and dolphin photo ID database. A great example of this is the Calderones de Canarias catalog of Pilot Whales. We know you will love sharing wonderful whale watching moments with Laura.

Tenerife cetacean research director

Research Director | PhD Biology

Marc Fernandez

Marc is the Director of our Cetacean Sightings Station and the Research Projects for Whale Watch Tenerife. After many years abroad in cetacean research and conservation – mostly in Costa Rica and the Azores – Marc has returned to his home country of Spain and we are excited to have him collaborate with us.

Marc is primarily a cetacean researcher with a degree in Marine Sciences from the University of Las Palmas and a PhD in Biology from the University of the Azores. His research focus is on species distribution modelling and he is the co-founder of MONICET a research platform for information collected on whale watching tours.

Marc is also an experienced whale watching tour guide and he has many years experience as a lookout at Cetacean sightings and research stations. You might not always see him on the boat, but if you are enjoying the company of whales with us on a tour, it is probably because Marc found them for us.

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