Tenerife Whale Watching Specialty Tours

Only 10 Guests on our Eco-Adventures!

marine biologist led whale and dolphin watching tours in Tenerife

2 Hour Tours at 9:30 - 12:00 - 14:30

Tenerife Whale Watching Tours

Join our dedicated whale watching tours for a fun eco-adventure to respectfully observe the whales and dolphins of Tenerife. Our staff of Marine Biologists lead thrilling and informative tours that explore the Teno-Rasca Marine Protected Area to observe whales and dolphins everyday, all year round. Our two hour tours depart at 9:30am, 12 noon and 2:30pm from the Puerto Colón Marina in Costa Adeje, southern Tenerife. We journey offshore to visit the largest pod of resident short finned Pilot whales in the world and all the other amazing whales, dolphins, sea turtles, marine birds and more!

We enjoy personable and intimate tours and so we limit the number to just 10 guests onboard our 8 meter custom built rigid hull inflatable whale watching boat. The boat is fast, nimble, comfortable, quiet and extremely safe so we can explore the greatest area and reach the most active whales and dolphins quickly. It has cushioned seating suitable for all ages and we can listen to the cetaceans on our marine hydrophone.

Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour Details

Fun and inspiring eco-adventure tours!

details of our whale and dolphin watching tours departing the Puerto Colón marina in Costa Adeje Tenerife

Group Tour Details

  • Meeting 15 minutes before reservation at entrance to Dock 3, Puerto Colón Marina
  • Bring sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, light jacket, drinks and snacks
  • Briefing from Marine Biologist about the Tenerife whale and dolphin species
  • We use a directional hydrophone to find the whales and dolphins by their sounds
  • Respectfully approach groups of whales and dolphins to passively observe
  • Position boat for the best viewing, photography and observations
  • Listen to the whales and dolphins on our marine hydrophone
  • Commentary and observations from our Marine Biologist staff
  • Photography of the whales and dolphins for research and conservation
  • Maximum 30 minutes observation time per group of cetaceans encountered
  • Encounter as many species and groups as we can in two hours!
  • Return to Puerto Colón Marina for a short debriefing on the species observed
  • During the evening we upload and send the tours photos to guests for free

Whale Watching Tour Reservations

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