Tenerife Whale and Dolphin Research

Eco-Adventure tours that support cetacean research

Pilot whale research project Tenerife

A Co-operative Research Effort

Photo Identification Project

During the whale and dolphin watching tours our staff take photos of the whales and dolphins for two reasons. The first goal of photographing the cetaceans is research and conservation. The second reason is to share with our guests so they can relax on the tour immerse themselves in the experience.

Pilot whales (as well as many species of whales and dolphins) all have unique dorsal fins. So a good photo of the dorsal fin can help identify individuals in the Tenerife cetacean population and migratory species. We coordinate with and donate photos and recordings to dedicated cetacean research organisations like; Association Tonina, and HappyWhale,

Whale Watching Tour Reservations

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